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Dutch Version of Top Model Picks Franchise's First Transgender Winner

Illustration for article titled Dutch Version of iTop Model/i Picks Franchises First Transgender Winner

While you were crying over the cancellation of America’s Next Top Model, you probably forgot that, oh right a million international versions of the show still exist. A transgender model recently won one of them, Holland’s Next Top Model, in a franchise first.


As Tyra Banks told ET this week, “Top Model is in 180 countries. We have Norway’s Next Top Model, and Asia’s Next Top Model, and Australia’s Next Top Model, and Italy’s Next Top Model. The list goes on and on and on, so it’s still an international juggernaut.”

The winner of Holland’s 10th cycle is Loiza Lameras, a 20-year-old model who revealed in the middle of the competition that she was transgender.


Top Model fans might remember Isis King, who broke a barrier as the first transgender contestant on the American version. Virgg was another aspiring model who auditioned but dropped out of Cycle 20 before the competition started, citing difficulty with the hormones she was taking.

Tyra says of the franchise’s flagship show’s cancellation, “I think it’s time. You want to leave while you’re on top. What are we going to do? We’ve done girls, guys, guys and girls, we can’t do children...I think we’ve done enough.”

Easy there, Tyra. Let’s not rule out America’s Next Top Hand Model.

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Kitty Pimms

I know I'm perpetuating cisnormative standards by saying this...but holy CRAP she is gorgeous!