Duke History Department Hosts "Fuck List" Forum

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History majors at Duke have been invited to participate in an "informal gathering" between students and faculty discussing "Historical Perspectives on Karen Owen's Sex List." Invite after the jump, plus explanation from a professor involved.


This was sent out to a history majors' listserve by Jocelyn Olcott, whose area of expertise at Duke is "feminist history of modern Mexico." Click to enlarge.

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We asked Olcott to elaborate. She wrote,

The event is meant as an informal gathering with undergraduates; so I don't expect there to be formal presentations and, at any rate, couldn't predict what they would be. The idea simply is that Karen Owen isn't a person in a vacuum but rather someone within a particular historical context, subject to all the contingencies and forces of her time and place. My hope is that the setting will give faculty and students alike a chance to think through what some of these contingencies and forces are.

The discussion will be led by history professors Sarah Deutsch and Peter Sigal, both of whom have written extensively about gender.


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lady rainicorn

I don't...get this. Why? Don't history majors and professors have better things to discuss?