Excited HarperCollins Editor Says "Fuck List" Author Is "Female Tucker Max"

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It's surprising that it took more than 12 hours for these emails to arrive regarding the PowerPoint Fuck List out of Duke — but arrived they have. The first one is courtesy of the Ari Golds at William Morris Endeavor:

"This article that you've written is captivating! There are many people at our agency that would be interested in speaking with [the student]. Do you have any contact info for her by any chance? Thanks so much ahead of time for any help you can provide!"

Meanwhile, from an editor at HarperCollins:

"I'm an editor at HarperCollins publishers, where I specialize in pop culture and entertainment books. I'm intrigued and entertained by [the writer]'s PowerPoint "f*ck list," which is making the rounds online and am wondering if you could give me her email address or forward my note of interest to her. Even though I'm sure she's horrified that her, uh, presentation, which was intended for a small group of friends, has gone viral, she's a very good, funny writer, and I'm wondering if she has any interest in writing a book. She's like the female equivalent of Tucker Max, and I admire his sense of self-empowerment!"


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Full Disclosure (and realizing I'll probably lose my star and be banned from commenting on Jezebel) -

When I was younger, I thought Tucker Max was fucking awesome.

Now, not so much at all now or for the past few years - I've come to realize what a preening, whiny, insecure, pretentious, sexist little bitch he really is.

He's stuck in the "If I admit I'm an asshole, that makes it ok to be an asshole" phase. Which is fine if you're an overly spoiled 18-22 wannabe ivy league lawyer from Florida who just needs a hug. But at age 30+, or whatever he is now, that shtick gets old and tired.

Motherfucker needs to realize he's not the center of the universe.

That being said, this woman is in no way, shape, or form the female "Tucker Max". She catalogued [sic] her sexual experiences as some sort of semi-interesting sociological experiment and accorded her partners a certain level of respect.

Tucker Max is incapable, or refuses, to do the same.

Being blindsided by one of your backstabbing bitch* friends who sent out a private email for all the world to see fucking sucks - and it's complete and utter bullshit.

The only person who should be getting any shit for this is the friend.

Yes, the woman who composed this list fucked up. Yes, she probably shoulda just had her friends over and showed them the Powerpoint so it never got out in the wild. But to be blindsided by someone you trust is absolutely fucking horrible and I have nothing but empathy for her.

May her friend rot in hell.

* Make no mistake, if you look up "Bitch" in the Webster dictionary, the picture of this woman's friend pops up.