Drunk Ricky Gervais References the Time Mel Gibson Called a Female Cop 'Sugar Tits'

On Sunday, amidst an offensively bad hosting performance, 2016's Golden Globes MC and professional fuck Ricky Gervais made amends with his rare equal, Mel Gibson. He had insulted Gibson when hosting three years ago, Gervais said, and now he was embarrassed to have to introduce him once again.


After a solidly C-grade Bill Cosby joke, Gibson joined Gervais on stage where they yucked it up like a couple of old racists. The reunion ended with about three seconds of silence, as Gervais put his arm around Gibson and inappropriately, mysteriously reminisced.

It turns out, Gervais clapped Gibson on the back and said, “What the fuck does ‘sugar tits’ even mean?”

Gervais was referring to Gibson’s notorious 2006 encounter with law enforcement when, after being pulled over for drunk driving, launched into an anti-semitic, expletive-laden tirade which included the valuable thought, “Fucking Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Everyone remember this historic meeting of two more white men who do not deserve their platform.

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Not really getting where the hate for Gervais is coming from. To me he remains a great example of the comedian who always punches up and never punches down.