Drunk Guy Loses Big-Ass Ring At The Club

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Lesson: Don’t go to the club without making sure you’ve insured all your valuables. Or, don’t bring items you need to insure to the club.


Last weekend, a very unlucky bro was at BPM New York, located at the fashionable intersection of 42nd street and a garbage can, partying and doing his thing. Around 2 a.m. he realized that he was 1) blackout drunk and 2) couldn’t find his $20,000 ring. He doesn’t know where he put it last so please don’t ask him.

The very large gay club is located in the Out hotel, which became the subject of controversy after co-owners Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner schmoozed with noted anti-gay rodent Ted Cruz.

Have you seen this unidentified man’s ring? It maybe looks like the one in the picture above, but also, maybe it doesn’t. It is probably big, but not as big as you would think it would be because diamonds are expensive. Unless it is $20,000 worth of gold in which case it will be big and heavy. Much too big for a finger. Maybe if it is made of all gold it is a vest or suit of armor. But the police report says it is a ring, so probably not.

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I was once at a very swanky wedding in another country. It was full of outrageously wealthy people with designer everything and lots of drugs. I think I was the only person there not on something. Toward the end of the night, I noticed a decent sized diamond ring in one of the numerous plants decorating the tent. I picked it up and asked everyone still there if it belonged to them. The next day I called the hosts and the bride and groom’s families to tell them about it, but no one had any idea who the owner could be. Moreover, no one really cared or seemed concerned. No one reported the ring as missing. I even put up messages on the facebook event board. No one claimed it and now it’s my diamond ring that I take out for swanky parties where I don't really belong.