Driver in Tracy Morgan Crash Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Homicide

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Image via Getty.

Tracy Morgan settled with Walmart over a year ago, after one of their truck drivers hit his limo bus in 2014. The crash killed Morgan’s friend, James McNair. The driver, Kevin Roper, had been awake for over 24 hours at the time of the accident.


TMZ reports that Roper pled guilty on Tuesday to vehicular homicide and also four counts of aggravated assault. This is a part of a plea deal that will help him to avoid jail time. Roper must also complete 300 hours of community service within a four year “intervention program,” and if he completes the program the charges will be dismissed. The deal is waiting for a judge’s signature.

TMZ also reports that Walmart has settled with their insurance company, XL America Insurance, who initially refused to pay out for Morgan’s multi-million dollar settlement. (Apparently, Damon Wayans once suggested Morgan received $90 million from Walmart, but Morgan’s reps denied it.) Walmart and XL have reached an unspecified agreement.

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I’m curious how much his 24+ hours awake had to do with delays that weren’t his fault, overly aggressive timelines, poor work conditions, etc. I’m not immediately dismissing the possibility that he is at fault. I’d just love to hear his side of the story.