Drinking a McDonald's Japan Milkshake Is Just Like Sucking on a Boob

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It is so hard to come to terms with the fact that we aren’t babies anymore and can’t just suck on a tit for nourishment. McDonald’s Japan is maybe having a harder time with that realization than most.

According to circulating reports, milkshakes sold at the Japanese chain are designed to make you feel like you’re a baby drinking breast milk. In his book Den Fujita’s Business Strategies 2: Overwhelming Business Strategies, McDonald’s Japan founder Den Fujita writes (as translated by RocketNews24):

“When humans drink something, the speed that produces the most delicious feeding is the speed at which babies nurse... McDonald’s straws are designed so that when used with a shake, the speed will be the same as that of an infant drinking breast milk.”


Will somebody go to Japan and remind us what it feels like to nurse?

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I get that Gawker needs occasional ~craaaazy Japan~ pageclicks, but come on, reportage about a handbook written like 60 years ago? COME ON. Japan has enough white perverts flocking to get a taste of that “crazy, repressed hentai culture.” Japan does not NEED THIS.