Dramatic, Tropical, Cultural or White: Which One of These Inclusive Target Swimsuit Trends Are You?

Target is gearing up for summer (it’s June!) and part of that gearing up means making sure the mega-department store’s Targetinistas (made it up) are ready to hit the waves in style. First things first, we’ll need a swimsuit that perfectly matches our personality.

Lucky for us, Target has made available a “trend shop” on its website where you can choose something that’s right for you. Think of yourself as a Carrie? Opt for a suit from the “Bohemian” or “Festival” sections. More of a Samantha? I bet a “Dramatic” suit will hug your curves (and make him beg you to hug his curves). Charlotte would definitely go for a classic “Americana” piece, but if you’re a Miranda? Well, you’d have better luck in another section, because Miranda doesn’t wear swimsuits—she wears business suits.


Let us know which “trend” you identify with most in the poll below, though maybe don’t vote “whites?” Or do. I don’t know, identify however you want.

Images via Target.

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