Drake's Unattractive $395,000 Mattress Is Made of Horsehair, Of Course

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Earlier this month, Drake’s Toronto lair, dubbed “The Embassy” by him alone, scored the cover of Architectural Digest. Included throughout were images of his home, which bears a striking resemblance to his Virginia Black commercial, and details of his gratuitous spending, including a $395,000 bed and bed frame that weighs “roughly one ton and cost more than many people’s entire homes” and “encompasses a whiskey-and—champagne bar on the reverse side” of the headboard. Intrigued by the mattress itself, Complex got in touch with the designer responsible to figure out why the “Grand Vividus,” (it, too, has a silly name) costs so much. The answer is horsehair.


Linus Adolfsson, owner of Hästens Los Angeles, the Swedish bed company responsible for the monstrosity pictured below, explained that the materials used in the “Grand Vividus,” which took over 600 hours to construct, are why it is so expensive. From the article:

“So, how many springs, how many turns, and the last thing is layers of horse hair,” Adolfsson said when asked what makes the mattresses so expensive. “The more horse hair allows for the bed to conform more, and allows for the bed to breathe more. That is the general things. If we look at the beds from $10,000 and up to $390,000, it’s a very big difference in the amount of materials in the beds.”

You read that correctly. Adolfsson says Hästens mattresses last between “50 and 100 years,” and they provide a service where an employee comes to the owners’ home to flip and massage the mattress at no additional cost. Consider that a steal, I guess.

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Oh goodie, so I can be surprise allergic to it the same way I was surprise allergic to the walls in my college dorm (horsehair insulation, whoooo).