Drake Put Raisins in the What Now?

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Canada’s saddest mans, Drake, threw a big ol’ birthday for himself over the weekend, celebrating turning 34 with a big group of people, none of whom appeared to be wearing masks (that’s not my life, I’m sure they got tested!). Many of these people enjoyed all that Drake had to offer, including a robust and strange menu for the evening that featured one particular dish with one particular ingredient that, I’m sorry, doesn’t make much sense.


The menu for this event sounds like that of a poorly-catered wedding or one of those weird weekday work events that you have to go to but don’t really want to, but do anyway because there will be food there and also, maybe, a wine: baby kale salad, a sushi platter, “Chicken bolognese,” and, the dish in question that is the problem: mac and cheese with sundried tomatoes, parsley, capers, and raisins.

Looking at the menu here, it’s clear that the caterer was reusing the ingredients from the grilled cauliflower, listed directly above, in an attempt to jazz up the mac and cheese. Sun-dried tomatoes are an unorthodox choice, parsley feels fine, capers are a little out there, but raisins do not really have a place in mac and cheese in any way, shape, or form. Many people on and around the internet thought that this transgression was a step too far, even for Drake. However, I am sure that Drake is thrilled with this tiny kerfuffle—a distraction, really, but also, a nice reminder that he exists. [Hollywood Life]

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but she at least knows friggin’ angles. Rumor has it that when Kim was on the set of This Is Paris, she refused to have the camera shoot her from the waist down, apparently because she was concerned that the lens director Alexandra Dean was using was too wide. We have this information because Dean appeared on a podcast to talk about directing the movie, and also, I guess, to talk about Kim, whose fame has eclipsed that of her former boss, Paris Hilton, like one hundred times over.

This person really loves Kim, I guess:

“Kardashian takes it to another level. She has orchestrated everything around her before you get close to doing an interview,” Paris’s documentary director revealed, adding, “I saw a real powerful, powerful intellect sitting across from me. She knew exactly what I was saying, exactly what [footage] I was going to use; her mind was way ahead of me. She was controlling everything in that room, noticed everything, saw everything.”

“She does everything. She’s brilliant,” Alexandra continued to gush. “And she’s way ahead of most people intellectually, which is why she was able to train herself to be a lawyer without going to law school, she’s doing the, you know, the, the president Lincoln apprenticeship program for lawyers, which is actually a really difficult thing to do.”


Okay! Yes! Definitely! Kim is “way ahead of most people intellectually.” Here’s the thing: I don’t think that’s true, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think Kim isn’t smart. She is definitely smart... just not in the way some of us might think “smart” means. That’s all. [Hollywood Life]

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chocolate covered raisons d'être

Man, why you gotta fuck with mac & cheese? It’s perfect and beautiful as is and it loves you so much. It’s always there for you. Always. But no....you gotta get all fancy and throw weird shit it it that doesn’t belong. Mac & cheese is disappointed in you...but will never turn its back on you. You remember that next time you reach for the raisins.