Drake Had a Lot of Feelings on Saturday Night Live

If you were wondering whether Drake’s recent beard shave meant that he has lost all of his hip-hop powers, then last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live proved you wrong. But then again, your relief only proved to be short-lived, for we now have irrefutable proof that Canadians are a lot more terrifying than any of us ever realized.


The digital short, titled “Drake’s Beef,” features the (very self-aware) rapper losing his goddamn mind over the tiniest of slights provided by Leslie Jones, Aidy Bryant, and other SNL cast members. Drake: I’m sorry if your BFF Leslie Jones is too busy busting ghosts right now, but I’m sure she’ll take a selfie with you once she has a minute, okay? She is working.

(Were you imagining every SNL cast member in this was Meek Mills too, though?)

Frankly, the other big take away from this is that like Bono, Drake saves his best chairs for his best hats.

Contributor, Jezebel

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If anybody has a version that works in Canada, I’d be grateful.

(I’m aware of VPNs, but I don’t love Drake so much that I’m going to fuck around reading through the full privacy agreements for a stupid browser plug-in.)