Don't Worry, Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift Are Still Best Friends

Image of two best friends via AP
Image of two best friends via AP

A weary nation can finally rest easy as Karlie Kloss assures the world that yes, she and Taylor Swift are still best friends.

US Weekly reports that in an interview with the Sunday Times, Kloss said that temptress of Calabasas Kim Kardashian has been a “lovely person” to her “in the past,” a statement that, when said by a Famous, is so terrifically neutral that it really doesn’t bear notice.

But, Swift and Kloss are best friends who wear old-timey nightgowns and bake cookies. Any statement in support of the enemy is treason. This throwaway comment is the equivalent of Kloss ripping up their ironclad friendship contract, throwing it into the vast expanse of the Pacific and ritualistically burning the aforementioned sleepwear in a barrel in the light of the setting sun.


That’s why she tweeted this:

That’s also probably why she followed it up with this:


Kloss has wisely chosen to exclude herself from the Swift-Kardashian narrative, but I entreat her to consider a world where friends are entitled to their own opinions about others and feel comfortable to share their opinion without fear of recourse. Imagine!

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Blac Chyna is very close to having Rob Kardashian’s baby and everything is...fine.

“Blac Chyna is going through hell as she enters the final trimester of her pregnancy,” an insider revealed. “She never knew it would be this uncomfortable and is really struggling.

While “the never-ending nausea, heartburn, cramps and gas are one thing,” continued the insider. “Rob and her family are extremely worried — her blood pressure is higher than it should be and isn’t helped by her terrible diet.”


Who is this rude-ass “insider” calling out her gas and her bad diet? I assume pregnancy is no walk in the park, but if she thinks heartburn and gas are bad, wait until she has an actual, squalling, IRL baby!


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