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Megyn Kelly has no job, $69 million, and jury duty.

TMZ caught up with the former host of Megyn Kelly Today and person who doesn’t understand why blackface isn’t okay outside the courthouse where she was reporting for jury duty. Kelly revealed that she’d brought a bag full amusements to keep herself diverted during the selection process: “I have The Wall Street Journal. I have The New York Times. I have a crossword...I have Crazy Rich Asians.”


Can you imagine being on a jury with Megyn Kelly? It would be like if 12 Angry Men was just one yelly white woman with nothing to be salty about except the colors of Halloween makeup she’s allowed to wear.

Kelly tweeted that she wasn’t going to be able to use “being busy” as an excuse this time around:


Wait, does that ever work? I could only get a six month deferment from the Brooklyn courthouse when I had cancer. Should I have just said I was busy? 

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