Donald Trump Pitches Desperate Appeal To Repeal Obamacare A Week Out From Election Day

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

In one week, America will decide whether or not moldy pumpkin spice latte Donald Trump will become president and he’s using his campaign’s dying breaths to do everything he can to try and secure that seat. This time, he used the November 1 start of Obamacare’s open enrollment as a peg to announce his intention to repeal Obamacare, once and for all.

At a rally in King of Prussia, PA CNN reports that Trump gave the floor to his dead-eyed running mate Mike Pence to discuss in the vaguest of terms why Obamacare is bad for everyone and what they’d do to fix it. The trouble is, neither of these jackholes had anything substantive to say about it.

Both men vowed to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Healthcare Act without presenting any clear solution as to what they’d replace it with. Trump even said he’d “ask Congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace” — cool story, bud! As CNN rightfully points out, “It’s unclear why Trump would need to call a special session as Congress will be in session after the inauguration of the next president.”


Throughout the entire duration of this ten-thousand year long campaign, neither has offered any viable solution as to what they’ll do to replace Obamacare, but have instead depended on their own bluster, misinformation and pomposity as a surrogate for actual knowledg, relying on bullying their opponent as a means of distracting from the fact that neither knows their ass from their elbow about anything, most of all running this country.

“She wants to put the government in charge of health care in America,” Trump said, mischaracterizing his opponent’s plans. “If we don’t repeal and replace Obamacare, we will destroy American health care forever.”

Both Trump and Pence also blamed Obamacare for hurting the economy, with Trump saying “workers’ hours were being cut, hiring is frozen and wages are being slashed,” despite several analyses having shown this is not the case.

Christ, even CNN sounds tired of this shit. Can we vote now and have this be done, please?

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Didn’t he say something about not wanting Canadian-style healthcare because “we need American solutions”?

*Canada makes more popcorn*