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Donald Trump Piñatas Are Smashing Sales Records in Tijuana

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There is one place Donald Trump is very popular right now: parties where people gather together to eat, drink, share stories, and smash papier-mâché likenesses to smithereens before gobbling up their insides. The presidential candidate’s piñata is flying off shelves in Tijuana.


The Donald’s punchable replicas sell for a very cheap $12 to $18, according to The L.A. Times. It all depends on the level of detail the buyer wants. If it’s just the reality star’s healthy head of hair and wide-open gaper of a mouth, then you won’t have to shell out a lot. Those come standard.

The piñatas are popular with Americans who visit Tijuana and those who don’t fear that Trump’s likeness entering their home will attract evil spirits. They’re so popular, in fact, that Trump’s face is now being chosen as the object of rage at a rate that rivals Mickey’s and Spider-Man’s.


But some people are not amused by the novelty items’ popularity, saying they wouldn’t have anything to do with Trump in any capacity.

Shopper Edwin Ríos Rubio said he had no interest in buying a Trump piñata. “He denigrates Mexicans and seems very despotic,” said the 29-year-old merchant from Baja California Sur. “He’s a racist. I wouldn’t even buy one as a joke.”

The Times notes that Trump isn’t the first political figure to be made into a piñata, but he’s currently the most in-demand.

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The problem with these pinatas is that instead of candy, little Trump toupees fall out.