Donald Trump Is Mad at Nordstrom for Dropping His Bb Girl's Line


On Wednesday morning the President of the United States of America chose to shine his spotlight on an issue of great national importance—his baby girl’s clothing line, which Nordstrom just dropped because no one wants to buy it.

According to the official White House schedule, Trump had a national security briefing at 10:30 am. But 20 minutes later, a more pressing issue arose:

The tweet was sent by iPhone, indicating someone else (Ivanka???) sent it on behalf of Trump, who typically tweets from his unsecured Android phone.

About two hours before Trump’s tweet, Nordstrom reiterated that their decision to drop the line was because their customers are just not interested in purchasing Ivanka Trump’s products.

“This decision was based on business results—it was not a political decision,” a spokesperson for the company tweeted. “Based on the brand’s performance, we decided not to buy it for this season.”

Ivanka’s line has also reportedly been dropped from Neiman Marcus, Belk, Jet, ShopStyle, and the Home Shopping Network.

It’s not the first time Trump, a self-identified “businessman,” has displayed a tenuous grasp of both the concept of economics and retail sales. In January, he tweeted that “all the dress shops are sold out” in anticipation of his inauguration, a claim that was demonstrably false.

And according to a Huffington Post report published Tuesday, Trump recently called his national security advisor at 3 am with a pressing question he needed answered—is a strong or weak dollar better for the economy? Apparently the answer is whichever dollar you can spend on Ivanka’s knockoff Aquazzura heels.


The New York Times reports employees at TJ Maxx were instructed to throw signs featuring Ivanka’s name in the trash.

The TJX Companies, the retailers’ parent company, told employees not to display Ivanka Trump merchandise separately and to throw away Ivanka Trump signs, according to a note to employees on Wednesday, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times.
“Effective immediately, please remove all Ivanka Trump merchandise from features and mix into the runs,” the note read. “Runs” refers to the normal clothing racks where the majority of products hang. “All Ivanka Trump signs should be discarded.”

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