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Don McLean Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge

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Don McLean, singer of the 1971 hit “American Pie,” has been arrested on a domestic violence charge in Maine. He was reportedly taken to the Knox County Jail, where he posted $10,000 bail early Monday morning.


The AP spoke with Cpl. Brad Woll, who said he did not know if McLean had a lawyer. A request for comment from the singer went unanswered.

People reports:

Police were called to McLean’s home just before 2 a.m. Monday morning, Woll says. Woll would not discuss the allegations against McLean in any detail, and would not discuss exactly what led to the 70-year-old musician’s arrest.


McLean lives in Camden, Maine with his wife, Patrisha, who is a photographer.

Woll told People, “He’s not the first celebrity we’ve dealt with and he won’t be the last.”

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It’s a good thing I already detest “American Pie.” I hate it when a famous person does something horrible and I have to start hating everything they’ve ever done in their entire lives.