Dogs Would Rather Die Than Walk by Cats. Smart Dogs.

These dogs would literally rather not eat poop than walk past these cats and if my dogs are any indication, eating poop is their favorite thing to do. That, and actual pooping. Moral of the story: Dogs are smart, cats are smarter, and my dogs are a fucking handful.


[h/t Bingo, Carlos]

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Dog+cat owners usually allow cats to scratch and bite dogs, because it's "cute", but if a dog even snaps back at a cat they get yelled at.

You can actually see this in some of the later videos (cats scratching at and hissing at the dogs trying to pass and the owners laughing).

This is the result. It's not cute, it's a sad testament to the long-lasting trauma inflicted when pet owners treat their pets unfairly. Scientific experiments have shown dogs understand fairness.