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Dog Trampled by Kittens Is a Very Great Dog, Indeed

This dog loves cats. Like, a lot. Or, cats love him a lot. Whatever they've got going on, it's a symbiotic relationship, like a whale and remoras, benefitting each other (and us!) with their cuteness. I know I'm stretching here but dammit, this is incredibly adorable. I love when the dog looks at the camera like, "See what I have to put up with." I feel you, dog.


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Is this the same dog who is in videos with lots of various kittens/cats that the own fosters? I love that dog. ETA, yup. It's Murkin the awesome dog who loves cats.

This is just what I needed to watch to calm down after the insanity of it being six days til my wedding. There's nothing like getting a message from a guest that she and her sometimes boyfriend are kind of back together and she re-invited him to the wedding. She didn't ask if it was okay if he came, but let me know that he's coming. After the seating chart was completed. My wonderful fiancé will be the asshole and tell her that won't fly. I'm not redoing the damn seating chart for a guy that treats her like shit.