Does Drew Barrymore's Neiman Marcus Ad Reference A Famous Suicide?

Illustration for article titled Does Drew Barrymores Neiman Marcus Ad Reference A Famous Suicide?

From the department of this thing looks (kinda?) like that thing: Neiman Marcus says its new fall ad campaign, starring Drew Barrymore, is themed around "Old Hollywood." "The shoot tells the story of a star's transformation," says the store spokesperson. Barrymore is depicted lying on a crumpled car. To some, this pose and setting suggests a very different kind of 1940s reference: photographer Robert Miles' famous image of Evelyn McHale, who in 1947 committed suicide by jumping from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, and landed on a parked limousine. The photo of McHale, 23, was published soon after in Life magazine. It wouldn't be the first time that fashion photography referenced suicide.

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I like bow ties, bow ties are cool

...Maybe it's the low resolution, but the car Drew is on doesn't look crumpled to me. It looks more like it overheated? Also, it kind of looks like the steam is coming from her vagina, not a good selling point.