Documentarian Seeks Adult Babies Via Craigslist

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A friend was searching for job opportunities on Craigslist when he came upon this, um, job:

Casting Call: Are you a member of the Adult Baby Community?

An educational series is currently casting individuals who are active members in the Adult Baby Community to participate in a documentary series.

Our program will provide an intimate and informative glimpse into the lives of adult babies and the dedication, commitment and passion that is involved in this lifestyle.

This non-exploitive series will allow members of the Adult Baby Community to voice their experiences and put to rest an myths, rumors or misconceptions surrounding this particular sub-culture and lifestyle.

If you or someone you know is an adult baby and would like to participate in this documentary series, please reply to this ad with your name, age, contact information, photo and brief summary about your Adult Baby lifestyle.

Please note that all submissions will be kept confidential and all calls and e-mails will be handled with sensitivity. We appreciate you wanting to share your story with us and we are here to listen!


This documentary actually sounds like it might be an in-depth, serious treatment of an oft-mocked fetish. Then again, maybe it's just the movie version of this.

CASTING CALL: Are you part of the Adult Baby Community (Nationwide) [Craigslist]

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The concept of being an adult baby is somewhat appealing to me. I always proclaim how much I'd love to be a baby again but I mean with adult privileges. So like I like being potty trained but I wish bathing myself could be optional because someone else does it and I don't really want to have to go to work and school but I want to read a lot, just to myself. I also want to dress myself and eat whatever I want. And drink scotch on the rocks and watch R-rated movies. And be left unsupervised. So I guess what I'm saying is I want the lack of responsibilites babies face and all the TLC with adulthood freedom. Which is not being an adult baby at all.