DIY: Make Your Own Gay-Friendly Boy Scout Badge

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Want to make the Eagle Award — the top honor an Eagle Scout can earn — more friendly to all? Or just have a dope fashion accessory to rock at the club? Was that second sentence embarrassing? I'm pretty sure it was but I'm keeping it in because I would totally have done that in the mid-90s.

It looks pretty easy to remove the red, white, and blue ribbon and put some Roy G. Biv fabulousness in its place. I'm not sure it's more complicated than just replacing the ribbon but the end result is really rad and I want one. Since the Boy Scouts have a ban on gay scouts and leaders, and since there are plenty of scouts who are gay or supportive of gay scouts, it's a pretty wonderful way to show solidarity. Do you think scouts would get kicked out for such an infraction? Or just get lots of high fives? If they were in my (imaginary) troop, they'd totally get all the high fives in the world.

How to Hack Your Eagle Award [Instructables]

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I recently applied and interviewed for a management/administrative position at the BS Council in my local area. I declined from the process toward the end, however, because, I'm telling you, they are completely squeamish and in denial about their discriminatory policies around homosexuality. When I asked about it with all my interviewers in all my interviews, I got a canned answer about it being 'about the kids' and not focusing on the controversiality of administrative policies, which were more about 'some poeple' trying to make a statement than what really goes on with kids. Although allegations of abuse are entirely separate from their administrative policy against homosexuality, they refused to admit that the founding of the organization abroad was rife with homosexuality and sexual abuse. I guess I wanted to hear that a Council could, on its own, reject the National Policies around homosexuality by leaning our their awesome child protection policies and just sort of 'outting' their history for what it is. I could get behind and on board with an organization that does great things for kids and is honest about how a lot of this crap got started. What it all boils down to: don't ask, don't tell. So yeah, to answer their question, a scout absolutely would be kicked out for such an infraction. As would a staffer be fired for wearing the rainbow, or having his or her partner come to the Holiday party or bring them lunch at the office. How a nonprofit service organization can call themselves a child development organization, but participate in such 'isms' is beyond me. I tried to understand, but I couldn't get past it.