Your Evening Inspiration: Disabled Veterans Kicking All Sorts of Ass

The Wounded Warrior Amputee football team is made up of veterans who have lost limbs while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. In November, the team faced off with another group of veterans for a no-holds-barred game. The catch? The other team was made up of non-disabled NFL veterans, not those who had served in the armed forces.


The game was close: The Wounded Warrior team won by seven points but according to the players, that's not what matters. What matters is the camaraderie the team experiences as well as the ability to participate in a sport that the team members enjoy. Okay, winning doesn't suck either.

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Can we have a happy news day with more stories like this. Just one day where nothing negative is posted. I don't care if it is an entire feed of puppies and videos from this football game. It's just so nice to see great people helping each other and being kind to each other.