DirtCast Is Back and We're Digging Back Decades to the Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood

Image: Getty/AP
Image: Getty/AP

After a long and restorative recharge, DirtCast is back and better (maybe) than ever!

The new year has proffered much loamy, beautiful dirt for our digging, and with that in mind, we got right into it. We talk about what did (or didn’t, really) happen at the Golden Globes, the snooze-y Grammy Awards, the exhausting nothingness of Justin Timberlake’s limp Super Bowl half time show, Kylie Jenner’s bouncing bundle of joy, and what it might be like to be rich and friends with Gwyneth Paltrow. Once we shoveled through that, we got down to the dirtiest, and most grim, dirt of all: Robert Wagner has been named a person of interest in the decades-old case of Natalie Wood’s tragic death.

Joining us to discuss this case are two people so enthusiastic about this case that they reached out to us, breathless and giddy at the prospect of maybe, finally, getting justice for Natalie Wood: Alex Bedder, of Here for Drama and Rachel Lubitz, senior style writer at Mic. We discuss the particulars of the case, whether or not anyone actually knows what happens, and what the sleazily named boat captain Denis Duvern really knew.


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So excited! I was just updating my podcasts last night and noticed that DirtCast had been on hiatus. It made me sadder than I probably should have been.