Dionne from Clueless Is Officially a Fox News Contributor

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Well, it's official: Stacey Dash, a.k.a. Dionne from Clueless, is now a Fox News contributor. But it must be noted that, unlike her costar Alicia Silverstone, she is not (to my knowledge) anti-diaper, which really ought to count for something.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, conservative Dash has signed on to "offer cultural analysis and commentary." Said network exec Bill Shine: "Stacey is an engaging conversationalist whose distinctive viewpoints among her Hollywood peers have spawned national debates."

Dash, if you'll remember, made her #TCOT debut when she tweeted her support for Mitt Romney, complete with Baywatch-style photo of herself in a bathing suit in front of an American flag. And suddenly, boom, the spotlight was back. She mused about the Fox job and "eventually" running for office to Elle:

"There's just so many opportunities right now," she says wistfully. "Twenty years after Clueless I'm starting all over. All because of a tweet! It's God. I truly believe it's God."

And, to be honest, it seems perfectly feasible that this is how Dionne's life played out. Please leave your finest fanfics about the awkwardness between her and OMG-you-should-totally-go-vegan Cher at their 25-year high school reunion in the comments below.

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"Is Josh giving you shit because he's going through his post-adolescent idealistic phase?"

She was showing her republican leanings even back then.