Dina Lohan's First Denial-riffic Interview Since Lindsay's Sentencing

On Friday, Entertainment Tonight aired Dina Lohan's first interview following Lindsay's 90-day jail sentencing. Dina thinks the judge was "out of line," denies being in denial about her daughter's substance abuse, and denies that Lindsay's career is in any trouble.

Denial, it would seem, runs in the Lohan family. Aside from denying denial and denying the obvious, Dina also denied that her daughter is on any drugs right now, saying that she knows for a fact that she's clean and sober. But maybe she means in an Elvis kind of way, in which opiates and amphetamines—which are listed as Lindsay's medications in her probation report—are not "drugs" if prescribed by a doctor. Entertainment Tonight will be airing part two of its exclusive with Dina tonight.

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marvel girl

I just hate it when people think they're not doing drugs, all the while prescribed to Xanax, Adderall, etc.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I walked past Terry Richardson on the street yesterday, and as he looked right at me, I put on my best disgusted face and said, "ugh, pervert." I know he heard me and it felt awesome.