Didn't We Already Know How to Pronounce Alicia Silverstone's Name?

It's A-LEE-see-UH or ah-LEE-SEE-uh. AH-LEE-SHA it is not!

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I sort of assumed it was common knowledge that Alicia Silverstone’s name was pronounced the way it is pronounced, but even if it is, let’s listen to her and see what she has to say about the matter.


Miss I Used to Bird-Feed My Son Bear Blu joined TikTok recently, like many famous people in their 40s, and is adapting to the app as best she can. Her first two forays into the form are what I expected: two little videos of her dressed in her iconic plaid blazer doing her bit from Clueless—you know, the one where she says “Ugh, as if!” as she pushes off a suitor, but in the TikTok, it is her son. (Apologies for explaining a TikTok as if you were all my mother, who is bad at social media, but them’s the breaks.)

As far as Gen X famouses on the new app goes, this is standard. I suppose that her next entry, which clarifies to the children how to pronounce her name, is too.

For some reason, I was under the impression that everyone already knew this: that it was evident that Alicia Silverstone is definitely an Ah-LEE-see-uh and not an Ah-LEE-sha. Per my brief research digging thru the archives, it seems like many people also knew this, including Jay Leno, who pronounces her name as Ah-lee-SHEE-uh at the beginning of this interview I found on the world wide web. Truthfully, this TikTok took me by surprise, even though I am old enough to have seen Clueless in the theatres—not because I didn’t know this fact, but because it’s been a minute since I’ve said Alicia Silverstone’s name out loud. No offense! [E! News]

Nothing thrills me more than when a famous person acts like a normie on Instagram, which is why I cannot quit Sarah Jessica Parker’s output. Here is a very bad photo of the apartment that served as her apartment in Sex and the City, taken with the same framing, artistic styling, and blurriness as one might expect from a parent.


There it is! There’s the house. Gorgeous hydrangeas, for what it’s worth. Anyway, it seems that the sequel that no one needs but I will watch anyway is set to start filming, like, now, so if you happen to live in New York City and are out and about, keep an eye out for that and also, please, if you see something, say something.* [People]


*email me, thank you.

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Hazey Jane

Those of us who are old enough to remember seeing TV and film trailers for her work would certainly know, since the narrators always said her name. But it seems like she took a step back from her career in the 2000s, so I’m not surprised that people who can’t remember the 1990s don’t know the pronunciation, even if they’ve seen Clueless or recognize her from her recent supporting work.