Did Vogue Russia Photoshop Off This Model's Arm?

Illustration for article titled Did iVogue/i Russia Photoshop Off This Models Arm?

It's been a bad month for models' limbs in Vogue. First, Doutzen Kroes lost one of her legs to Vogue China. Now, some people think that the model Natasha Poly is missing an arm on the new cover of Vogue Russia. Maybe it's just behind her head? Either way, it looks funny. In any case, Coco Rocha, herself no stranger to Photoshop-related controversies, just Tweeted, "Hey, photoshop guys! Can you please be sure to count two arms and two legs on the girls you cut and paste? Thanks!! Sincerely, Models."

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I tried to replicate the pose. If you hold your right arm behind your head and try to reach down behind your shoulder blades, I guess you do hide your arm and elbow behind your head. Then you sort of reach around the left side of your head towards your face and... tada? Yeah, I don't know. Maybe this whole thing is a giant practical joke brought on by the retouchers, like "Okay guys, this time let's see who can remove the most limbs and still make it to print. Loser has to install and validate CS6 on everyone's machines."