Vogue Chops Off Supermodel's Right Leg In Tragic Photoshop Accident

What's wrong with this picture? In this shot from Dutch model Doutzen Kroes' cover editorial in the June issue of Vogue China, someone seems to have whittled away her entire right leg. Where the leg should be, there is only an eerie shadow. It also kind of looks like her right arm is missing. What the fuck, Vogue China?


The photographer is Solve Sundsbo, who's known for his use of Photoshop and other post-production editing techniques to manipulate his photographs. (The Vogue China cover is itself a Photoshop of Horrors: there may be no missing limbs, but that flat, unshadowed white bathing suit, tiny waist, and weird swimming-pool background, taken together, don't look in any way real.) But although Sundsbo's pictures often look uncanny, he doesn't normally amputate limbs. Was that the magazine's doing? It wouldn't be the first time: last year, American Vogue lopped off several of Lila Grace Moss's fingers in a portrait of the child with her mother, Kate Moss.

Image via Vogue China

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