Did Someone Say 'More Borat News'? No? Well, Here's Some Anyway!

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In case you’ve permanently drawn mental blackout shades over any mention of the word Borat (generally a good call!!), here’s the deal:

  • A new Borat movie came out on Friday if for no other reason than because 2020 truly is the cruelest year
  • It features a scene in which Rudy Giuliani appears to nearly have sex with an actress posing as a journalist sent to interview him in a hotel room
  • He gets handsy with the aforementioned fake journalist/actress, Maria Bakalova, then lies down on a bed, and reaches his hands down his pants
  • It’s gross, really gross, etc., etc.
  • Then Sacha Baron Cohen shows up shouting at Giuliani all Borat-like, prompting the former New York City mayor to skedaddle.

All caught up? I’m sorry.

Giuliani, who now serves as Pres. Donald Trump’s personal attorney, has been on the defensive this week, The Los Angeles Times reports, claiming that he did nothing wrong, that when he was lying on the hotel’s bed reaching his hands down his pants he was NOT fondling himself, that he was simply trying to tuck his shirt in. (Tuck his shirt into what? His dick?). But Baron Cohen is calling bullshit.

“If the president’s lawyer found what he did there appropriate behavior, then heaven knows what he’s done with other female journalists in hotel rooms,” the worst part of Madonna’s “Music” video said on Good Morning America yesterday. “It is what it is. He did what he did. And make your own mind up… It was pretty clear to us.”

Baron Cohen then urged everyone to watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, a sentiment that we here at jezebel dot cromb simply cannot endorse.


Despite all the “get out the vote” campaigns we see every election cycle that frame low voter turnout in the United States as a matter of individual awareness—i.e., that a lot of people simply don’t know there’s an election, or don’t care enough about it and need to be reminded—centuries of state-sanctioned voter suppression is arguably way more to blame.


One ongoing method of voter suppression is the disenfranchisement of incarcerated people and formerly incarcerated individuals. Laws vary from state to state—in some, like Iowa and Kentucky, you permanently lose your right to vote after you’re convicted of a felony, while in places like Washington and Georgia you’re only disenfranchised while serving your prison sentence—but nearly all have some sort of conviction-related disenfranchisement law on the books, per the American Civil Liberties Union. Vermont and Maine are the only states that don’t, in fact!

Anyway, for some reason a TMZ paparazzo recently asked Danny Trejo what he thinks about conviction-related voter suppression laws. While he agreed that people serving prison sentences shouldn’t be able to vote (boo), the actor did say that “it’s wrong” that formerly incarcerated people don’t regain their voting rights in some states (yay): “I think anybody out of prison should be able to vote, whether they’re on parole or probation.


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You guys really seem to not like that a high-ranking Trump scumbag got caught with his hand down his pants in the same room as what he thought was a teenage girl.