Did Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Get Married or Not?

Image of two unmarried people (maybe) via Getty
Image of two unmarried people (maybe) via Getty

Great news, America: your erstwhile boyfriend Ryan Gosling is still on the market because, contrary to earlier reports, he did not get married to Eva Mendes. Maybe.


This morning, various sources reported that Mendes and Gosling, who have been together since 2011, secretly wed earlier this year, in a “secret ceremony” in front of close family and friends. The couple met on the set of that movie where he has all the tattoos, The Place Beyond The Pines, and have been together ever since. But it looks like they didn’t actually get married, according to another source “close” to the couple, who denied this to TMZ.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are two celebrities who are really, really good at keeping their private life private. Eva Mendes has two children without photos of her pregnant body splashed across the internet with telephoto lenses zoomed in on her midsection. If they got married, they’d let you know. Or would they? Probably not! Something tells me that maybe they’ve been married for years, right under our noses and we just don’t know because they’re very good at keeping their private lives private.

Keep the candles burning bright, children. Noah Calhoun could still be yours, if you dream big and work hard.


As you clearly already know by now, Brangelina is no more and the truth, or something like it is starting to trickle out. Page Six reports that Brad Pitt was completely sidelined by this and Angelina Jolie, a woman who I would certainly not want to fuck with, moved real fast. She was thinking of the children, you see.

“His first instinct was how were they going to protect the kids during the divorce. Then stories start popping up about his supposed pot smoking, drinking and anger problem,” the source continued.

“He doesn’t have a drug or anger problem. Yes, he smokes some weed and has a drink, but that isn’t out of control. The truth is that they’ve been fighting a lot..”

This source, most certainly someone from Brad’s side of the family, reinforced the fact that this is all about the kids. Angie loves the kids, but according to this source, under Angie’s care, the kids spend their time jet setting around the globe instead of staying in one place, like kids should, I guess?

Whatever! This is gonna be a mess.

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I’d still hit it. Guess which one I’m talking about!

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