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Diane Keaton Is Looking for a Lover

Illustration for article titled Diane Keaton Is Looking for a Lover

Diane Keaton, who cannot give a shit anymore, nor should she, is looking for a man.


She stopped by Ellen in a clip that aired Friday, where she made her famous Diane cocktail (Keaton-brand white wine with ice) and revealed that she was sexually frustrated. (Or, I guess, didn’t reveal; she’s been pretty clear about her frustration before.)

“Do you know what that feels like, to be sexually frustrated?” Diane asked.

“No,” said Ellen. “But you’ve had many lovers...You still have time to have another lover. You’re 70.”


So, the two women played Who’d You Rather, which also ended up not being ideal for Keaton, who would rather choose them both.

Watch the clips below.

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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1. She looks awesome.

2. I feel like she probably hit up some of that wine before the show. Not a bad thing, though.

Also, did not know that she and Al Pacino were once a thing.

She’s charming as hell. She should be on all the talk shows.