Devil Wears Prada Sceenwriter to Adapt 'Jane Eyre' Graphic Novel

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Aline Brosh McKenna is onboard to write the film adaptation of Rochester, an unreleased graphic novel that's a modern retelling of Jane Eyre. Fox 2000 acquired the rights in a deal worth the "low seven figures". Yowza, that's a whole lot of orphan porridge!

Sorry, that was my attempt to bring it all back to the story of Jane Eyre, but it flopped. Which is hopefully not what this movie will do, seeing as Brosh McKenna is one of the few heavyweight lady scribes in Hollywood. With The Devil Wears Prada and 27 Dresses under her belt, we're guessing this version of the story will be modern rom-com material. See you at the movies?

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Bears for President

Well, call me crazy but I like the idea of a comic book Jane Eyre. Sure, it won't be traditional but I'll defy anyone not to tear up on the last page when Jane, after all of her hardships, is finally embraced in Mr. Rochester's strong, supportive bionic claws.