Despite a 22% Success Rate, Married At First Sight Is Back For Season 4

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Because of ratings, capitalism and our national affinity for train wrecks, FYI’s Married At First Sight is back for a fourth season—despite proving numerous times that they are not very good at arranging marriages.

Six more people have signed themselves up to pretend like they seriously think that this television show is going to result in a loving, functional, lasting marriage.

To refresh your memory, just two of the nine couples who have been featured on Married At First Sight have remained married. One ended in a restraining order with Jessica Castro fearing for her safety at the hands of Ryan De Nino. It also seems worth noting that, by the looks of his Twitter account, De Nino is a Donald Trump supporter.


Last season was another example that the show’s “experts” who pair the couples aren’t great at doing that exact thing. It was immediately apparent that Ashley was downright repulsed by her husband David and even at one point said to his face that she wasn’t attracted to him. In one of the other relationships, Samantha was a huge jerk for 80% of the season and then was shocked—shocked—when Neil asked for a divorce. Tre and Vanessa seemed like the real deal until it became very obvious that Tre just wanted to be on television and they eventually divorced.

Two new experts are joining for next season, so perhaps they’ll have a bit more luck—but probably not because, again, the show is very bad at its job. Quite clearly, I watch Married at First Sight, but I also believe that I could survive just fine if they mercifully decided to stop doing this.

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God, I love this train wreck of a show. I AM HERE FOR MOAR.