Married At First Sight Relationship Ends in a Restraining Order

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A&E’s Married At First Sight likes to bill itself as “a social experiment,” which is a fancy way of saying: We’re going to do a bunch of crazy shit to these willing participants and get a couple of therapists to sign on so it has a faint, faint air of legitimacy.


After a pretty successful first season, the show’s second season might have just proved that, as an experiment, this has really been a bust. Cast member Jessica Castro has filed a restraining order against her assigned husband, Ryan De Nino, claiming that he threatened to kill her. Via the New York Post:

“I will break you into f—ing pieces,” the 29-year-old business consultant raved, according to a Queens Family Court petition filed Friday. “I will break your dad into pieces. I will make your whole family disappear — and your f—ing dog-ass sister’s boyfriend.”

While taping the show’s reunion episode, De Nino was caught on a hot mic saying: “She’s fucking dead. When I get back to Brooklyn, she’s fucking dead, this girl.”


The show’s producers took De Nino’s May reunion show death threat so seriously that they provided Castro with security personnel, according to the filing.

De Nino is facing Family Court charges of harassment, menacing and stalking. Court referee Julie Stanton ordered De Nino to stay away from his wife until their hearing on July 13.

Of the three couples who appeared on this season, Castro and De Nino probably had the roughest ride. The two butt heads right from the start on their honeymoon and things only got worse when they moved together. Eventually, they smoothed things over, and both seemed pretty hopeful when they decided to remain married on the season finale.

However, Castro claims that her husband cheated on her in February, leading to their breakup.


With what I assume will be the divorce of Castro and De Nino, Married At First Sight now has three successful marriages and three divorces. Arguably, that’s not a terrible average, but any relationship that ends in a restraining order has got to count as a double loss.

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Esmerelda Foofypants

More than once, the “relationship experts” said they paired these two up because of their attractiveness. Even after they began fighting, and he was immediately becoming incredibly vicious and ugly toward her during any confrontation, Dr. Pepper (yup, f’real) kept emphasizing her hope that they would work out because they’d been paired based on their attractiveness. “BECAUSE THEY’RE SO PRETTY!” is not the kind of reasoning I ever want to see from an expert unless that person is a ten year old who is an expert at being ten years old.

This show isn't even trashy fun. It's just stressful to watch.