Day Care Comes to a Screeching Halt After Children Get Sun Booboos

The Happiness is a Learning Center day care in Vinita, Oklahoma was forced to immediately shutter its doors after two of its students were badly sunburnt.

Although it sounds like the result of some freaked-out parent being annoying, these sunburns are legitimately terrible. Shaunna Broadway, mother of two 5- and 7-year-old boys who were allowed to play outside at a water park without shirts or sunscreen, took photos of their backs which had become covered in enormous blisters.


“They didn’t put no sunscreen on them and no shirt and when I asked them about it they claimed they were out of sunscreen and that they told the kids to put on their shirts, but they didn’t want to leave them on,” Broadway said.

“Then things got worse, especially with my oldest one. He started to complain of chest pains and not being able to breathe and his chest started swelling.”

A local television station reports:

That’s when Broadway took her boys to the Hillcrest Medical Center Burn Unit in Tulsa. Within 10 minutes, she says she was told her sons needed to be life-flighted to Shriner’s Hospital in Texas, which has children’s facility that specializes in burns.

Seven-year-old Conner Harvey and his 5-year-old brother, Trae Wells, are being treated for second and third-degree sunburns.


The boys are both ultra-pale with no base tan to provide any protection.

“They have pristine, very fair and unclimatized skin,” said dermatologist Barney Kenet in an interview with ABC News. “Unfortunately severe burns in childhood in this natures [sic] are an independent risk factor for skin cancer later in life.”


Babies, please practice good sun safety. Have you seen those horrible viral skin cancer pictures? The sun is an insentient fireball that has no empathy for you or your ability to tan!

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