The video for David Bowie's smooth new track "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" shows Bowie and Swinton as an old-school married couple (with amazing hair, the both) whose lives are disrupted when a gorgeous celebrity couple — played by models Andrej Pejic and Saskia De Brauw — move in next door. Beautiful, bizarre hijinks ensue, and so does a damn catchy single.

Of course, this was discovered when Iman tweeted it:


BEST COUPLE ALIVE. Ugh, how are they even human? They are earth angels; beings who zip off their skin suits at night to reveal that they're actually just rays of light. And the weirdest part is, they seem like they're kinda down to earth. How is that possible?? As Dodai says, "It's a beautiful mystery." If I were David Bowie and Iman, I'd have elephant chairs (like, actual elephants as chairs) and hire Nigella Lawson 24-7 to cook my meals, braid my hair, and tell me all her secrets.

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