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Daphne Guinness Sounds Kinda Like Nico in her First Music Video

Daphne Guinness now has a music video. Apparently it's for her first single — yes, Daphne Guinness also has a single — called "Fatal Flaw." Guinness's vocal talent has recently been a focus of some of the heiress and fashion collector's press. The New Yorker reported that she once harbored an ambition to train as an operatic soprano, and described her as having a "small, clear voice." But aside from a couple bootleg YouTube videos of live performances, this is the listening public's first opportunity to actually hear her sing. In the clip, which was directed by the photographer Nick Knight, a digitally modified Guinness croons nonsense like "love is like a deadly nightshade," and "love is forgiveness," and "no imaginaaaaaaaation." She sounds sort of like Nico. Could this be the world's first love song about Bernard-Henri Lévy? Maybe.


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Still not as good as the Rory Guinness video shot inside the Beatrice Inn!!!. (jk)