Daniel Shak Decides He Doesn’t Want His Ex-Wife’s $1M Shoe Collection After All

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After taking legal action to try and wrangle away at least part of his ex-wife's estimated $1 million designer shoe collection, hedge-fund manager Daniel Shak abruptly withdrew his lawsuit on Wednesday. Beth Shak, a pro poker player and not-so-secret admirer of Louboutins, testified that her husband had known and signed off on all her shoe purchases even as she was stockpiling fancy stilettoes in her closet, a revelation that pretty much torpedoed his argument that she'd been hoarding the shoes like some sort of squirrel...that hoardes shoes instead of acrons. You get it.


Beth Shak didn't limit her testimony to boring financial details — she also ramped up the emotional drama, describing how her ex-husband's neglect drove her to fill the empty hole in heart with boxes and boxes of shoes as if she were playing a really expensive game of Tetris. "There was such a lack of emotion and love in my relationship," she explained to a judge who was probably remembering that time he saw And Justice For All and became determined to make a real difference as a defense attorney for the downtrodden masses, "that I filled that void with shopping. I was shopping endlessly, I couldn't stop." Shak added,

I wanted love and emotional support and affection, but there was nothing. He would say, ‘Stop! Get away from me!' I tried to keep track of what I was buying, but I lost control.


The couple has been divorced for three years, so Daniel Shak's lawsuit came as a bit of belated alimony that might have had something to do, according to an earlier report from the Post, with Shak having recently lost a whole pile of money. After Shak abruptly withdrew his lawsuit, the judge thanked him for wasting everyone's time. No word on whether Daniel parried with a cheeky, "You're quite welcome!"

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Two things. First: He sure sounds like a stand up guy*sarcasm* Second: A million dollars worth of shoes? What the frak?!