Professional Poker Player’s 1,200-Pair Shoe Collection Menaced by Ex-Husband

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Beth Shak, who is famous both for playing poker and having more shoes than there are years in a millenium, may have to part with as much as 35 percent of her designer shoe collection. Her ex-husband, Daniel Shak, claims that he didn't know about the shoes until two years after the couple split, and has decided that he wants him some Louboutins.


The New York Post describes Daniel Shak as a high-powered hedge fund manager at SHK Asset Management — who, btw, lost a lot of money in the gold market not too long ago — with a debilitating aversion to bedroom closets. At least, he would pretty much have to have a debilitating aversion to bedroom closets not to have noticed all the shoes his wife was hoarding for when the world ended and designer shoes became the new de facto currency. Daniel estimates that his ex-wife's shoe collection, which includes 700 pairs of Louboutins, is worth about $1 million, and, as an inattentive/forgetful spouse who's fallen on hard times, he thinks he's entitled to about 35 percent of it.

Hedgie sues poker pro ex-wife over her 1,200-pair designer shoe collection [NY Post]



How many men actually know the cost of Louboutins? I could see her ex-husband as knowing she has a metric boat-load of shoes, but not understanding each cost $700+. Keep in mind her husband, Dan, is also a professional poker player and basically pretty nice, unlike her.