Danica Dillon Says She Was Choked, Spit On During 'Terrifying' Sexual Encounter with Josh Duggar

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Danica Dillon, the adult film actress who sued Josh Duggar for assault and battery back in November, has provided more details of the violent attacks in an interview with Hustler magazine. Dillon claims Duggar initially paid her for sex in March of 2015, “after a late night at a strip club” in Pennsylvania.


In the interview, reported by Radar, Dillion says:

“[Duggar] walked in and instantly was like, ‘Get undressed. Get on your knees.’ There was no intimacy, nothing...He grabbed my head and pulled me on to him and was doing a forced blowjob. I couldn’t breathe.”


She claims he then “put his hands around her neck, leaving red marks, and continued forcing her to give him a blowjob,” after which the encounter became even more violent.

Dillon continues:

“He picked me up and threw me down on the bed and bent me over and was pulling my hair, calling me a dirty slut, telling me that I deserved it.”

When she attempted to push Duggar off her, “he ‘pinched’ her lips together and spat in her face.” Dillon called the entire 90-minute encounter “terrifying.”

Radar has also reported that Duggar and his attorneys have “more than one hundred pages of alibi documents” that prove he wasn’t even in Pennsylvania at the time of the alleged attack. Dillon, on the other hand, claims to have photographs that prove otherwise.


A pretrial conference was scheduled to have begun on Thursday of this week.

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“more than one hundred pages of alibi documents”

wooow, 100 pages of alibi, were they all taken from a Bible???