'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Dresses as 'Black Swan' for Conceptual Tabloid Shoot

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Abby Lee Miller, the hoarse-voiced choreographer who became a reality star by screaming at little girls and their mothers on Dance Moms, took part of an artsy photo shoot with In Touch in which she's wearing kabuki-like makeup and a black-feathered ballet costume while posing menacingly with her young students/costars. Everything about it is pretty high camp, including the accompanying text. Sample: "Natalie Portman better watch her back." Indeed.


Abby Lee Miller: Dance Moms' Black Swan [In Touch]

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I know that most of this show has to be staged, and yet... I cannot fathom that any parent would allow someone who is supposed to be teaching their kids to speak to them the way she does. She is flat-out vile sometimes. I get the whole hard-ass dance teacher shtick, but she goes way beyond that sometimes.

One an episode the other day she was refusing to even say the name of a girl whose mother she was upset with and would just yell "GIRL" at her while she cried. What mother allows that? Why on earth would they keep their kids there? There are competition-type dance schools everywhere. I don't get it at all.