Damien Chazelle Can't Quit the Jazz

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Here’s just what the world needs, now: a “musical-drama series” set in Paris produced by the man who made Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling soft-shoe to jazz, Damien Chazelle.

Variety reports that Netflix will exclusively stream The Eddy, Chazelle’s eight-episode musicale-dancing-song extravaganza set in “contemporary multicultural” gay Paree. Hmm. I’m not mad at a contemporary and multicultural Paris situation, though I do wonder how Chazzelle will handle the latter—and I do love a good song and dance. Is this going to be about jazz, though? Tell me this isn’t about jazz.

The Eddy will center on “a club, its owner, the house band, and the chaotic city that surrounds them” and will explore “the relationship between the American and French-Arab co-owners of a jazz club.” A brief aside: Chazelle’s artistic boner for freaking jazz music is tiresome and could stand to be deflated. Other facts: they’ll shoot the series in France and there will be dialogue in French, English and Arabic.


Netflix’s Eric Barmack told Variety that tonally, the series will be somewhere in between the frenetic energy of Whiplash and the anodyne blah of La La Land. Basically, it’s jazz. Chazzelle’s jazz. Chazzy Jazzy. Can’t wait—for more jazz.

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