Crankytown, the interactive website about periods featuring videos, stories and poems from celebs like Feist, Emma Thompson, and Jessica Paré, is launching a film festival—Crankyfest—that will focus on short films about periods, and are accepting submissions. Films can be from any genre, as long as they are under three minutes long and have menstruation as the subject matter. Winners—which will be selected by a celebrity jury of celebrity jury Rachelle Lefevre (Twilight), Meaghan Rath (Being Human) and Jane Grenier (Teen Vogue)—will be announced on March 8. All proceeds of the festival will go to proceeds going to Huru International, a charity that provides sanitary pads to at-risk-girls in Kenya.

"Think about it. Period stories are a no-brainer: There's blood, there's surprise, there's drama. And more often than not, a whole lot of comedy," said Crankytown co-founder Vanessa Matsui.

CRANKYFEST is an online video contest for short films about periods. [Crankytown]