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Crane Smashes Through Home After Marriage Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong

Illustration for article titled Crane Smashes Through Home After Marriage Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong

This is clearly a sign from some form of higher being that we need to seriously take it down a notch with these over-the-top marriage proposals before someone gets seriously injured.


An unnamed man from the quaint town of IJsselstein in the Netherlands attempted to propose to his girlfriend early Saturday morning when disaster struck. He had hired a crane to lower himself into the girlfriend's garden because not only is he not all that creative, he's incredibly impractical. But as he was being lowered, the crane tipped over, and smashed through a neighbor's roof.

The bumbling Romeo managed to jump out and land safely, but according to emergency services spokesman Jelle Mulder, via Guardian, "The people in the house the crane fell on are deeply shocked." Honestly, I think that's the best possible reaction to a large metal crane crashing through your roof and living to tell the tale.


Then, in an attempt to move the crane back into an upright position, it slipped and fell on the neighbor's home again. Here's some footage, a veritable symbol of the utter futility of love:

Once they've removed the crane from the building, authorities will figure out if the house is too dangerous to live in and must be demolished. I guess if they need some demolishing, they know exactly which lovesick puppy to call.

The kicker? The girlfriend said yes. SHE. SAID. YES. After he presented her with a long list of reasons (he's literally a home wrecker) why marrying him would be a terrible possibly catastrophic idea, she thought, 'Yeah, this feels right.' And the two took off on a romantic getaway to Paris. No seriously, they left the demolished building behind for the City of Love.

"They had a trip to Paris planned and the police told them that there was no reason to cancel," said Mulder.


I sure as hell hope that upon their return, the soon-to-be-married couple helps their neighbors find a new home. Please everyone, just stick to the down on one knee thing and call it a day. You have the rest of your lives to completely destroy your homes.

Image via AP.

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Here's the thing: It's a heroically dumb idea, but not dumbo's fault that the crane operator didn't secure their equipment properly. Unless things are really different in the Netherlands, you can't just walk onto the lot, rent heavy construction equipment, & drive off into the sunset with your rent-by-the-hour crane.