Craigslist-ers Trading Sex for Gas Amid Post-Sandy Fuel Crisis

Have you found yourself saying, "Who do I have to blow around here to get gas?" in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's fuel shortage? Maybe it was a rhetorical question, but Craigslist has some literal answers. In a market of low-supply and high-demand, enterprising individuals have taken to the classified site to advertise their willingness to switch over to a new bartering system: ass for gas.

It's become increasingly difficult for people in New York and New Jersey to find gas to power their cars or generators—pumps are not working due to lack of electricity at some stations, while others have simply run out. The stations that do have gas are experiencing lines that sometimes go on for several blocks, with police directing traffic. It's so bad that a black market for gasoline has popped up.

But if you want to avoid the price gauging and long lines, there are people on Craigslist's Casual Encounters who are offering gas in exchange for sexual favors. The postings are by people who have gas ("GAS GAS GAS HERE....Wanna Trade - m4w"), people who need gas ("I NEED GAS !!!! IF U BRING ME GAS U CAN FUCK ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - m4m"), people who homebound and bored ("Who's staying in because they have no gas? Get head instead."), and people who are just using the opportunity to make a good pun ("MoRniNg GaS PumP - w4m"). So the question stands: What would you do for gas?

Image via Nelson Marques/Shutterstock

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