Craig Ferguson's Interim Replacements Are All Men

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Surprise surprise: the guest hosts replacing Craig Ferguson after he leaves The Late Late Show in December and before new host James Corden joins in March have been announced, and as of right now, they are all men.


In a press release, CBS said:

Actor, host, comedian and producer Drew Carey will bookend the block of special editions when he guest hosts the first week, Monday, Jan. 5 - Friday, Jan. 9, and the final week, Monday, March 2 - Friday, March 6. Other guest hosts will include filmmaker Judd Apatow, actor Will Arnett, Emmy and GRAMMY Award-winning actor, host, singer and improv comedian Wayne Brady, comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan, comedian and actor Billy Gardell, actor, producer and Emmy Award winner Sean Hayes, writer, comedian and actor Thomas Lennon, GRAMMY Award winner John Mayer and actor Kunal Nayyar.


Weirdly, CBS also announced that instead of The Late Late Show, they'll be airing "special late night version[s] of The Talk," their morning talk show starring, yes, a panel of women, for one week in January.

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adultosaur married anna on the astral plane

list time?

wanda sykes

samantha bee

jessica williams

there are a lot more but i am trying to think of women who could really be accessible across the board/handle real hosting skills as opposed to just comedy. like, i'm thinking tig, but i wonder if she would be too dry? same with kristen schaal, or morgan murphy- though, if they wanted the opportunity i am SURE THEY COULD HANDLE IT. fey, phoeler (spelling :(). hell, you want some fresh blood? steal emma stone for an episode or so. mindy kaling.

and since they're OBVIOUSLY NOT CARING IF PEOPLE HAVE ANY FUCKING CREDENTIALS (MAYER) there are squillions of people i would love to see.