Courtney Stodden and Her Mother Confirm "Tasteful" Nudes Are Inevitable Career Move

For last night's season finale of Couples Therapy, aka, The Courtney Stodden Show (and "show" is used as a verb there, in reference to her co-stars, cleavage and butt cheeks), Courtney sat down for a therapy session with her mother Krista. Krista is also Courtney's manager—a job she describes as 24/7 because "the world is different time zones"—and thus has had a hand in branding her daughter's hyper-sexual image. Typically the kind of person who earns a living off of a minor in a bra and eight-inch lucite heels is a pimp. So obviously, they had a lot to discuss with the therapist.


But is it even a problem for them if neither Courtney nor her mother are bothered by the inappropriateness of their personal and working relationship? Maybe it is for Doug, who Courtney describes as her "[mom's] assistant, basically."

Maybe the most remarkable thing about the entire situation between them isn't that Krista allowed a 16-year-old Courtney to marry a 51-year-old man but that both mother and daughter really do seem to be on the same page of this twisted book. Courtney and Krista both think that Courtney is super great. It only makes sense to Courtney, a raging narcissist, that Krista would want to dedicate her entire life to her and live vicariously through her. In return, Krista gets to be on TV. Win-win.

When asked if there was a line that Krista did not want crossed in Courtney's career her answer was, "Pornography." They spoke openly about the classiness of posing for Playboy, which is clearly their idea of the optimal career trajectory for Courtney. (Playboy, however, will have no part of that.) Courtney, with the logic of a 17-year-old, has her own understanding of what constitutes a "tasteful" nude: black and white photography.



Some people really do deserve to be wished into the cornfield.