Couple Is Addicted to Coffee Enemas, Pooping Their Brains Out

My Strange Addiction, the show that documents the human experience — if by "human" you mean "freaks" and by "experience" you mean "eating inedible shit like couch cushions and gasoline"— returns to TLC on February 13th with a new season. In the first episode we meet a married couple who are addicted to coffee enemas. They do it four times a day. They don't expressly say it, but it seems sexual. I mean, when you recreationally stick things up your butt with your spouse, it's usually sexual. Right? If they were in it solely for the poop, they could just drink the coffee.

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I found an old nursing textbook from the 1940's wherein it touted the benefits of coffee enemas for depression.

Furthermore (and you nurses know what I'm talking about here)....milk and molasses enemas are still in use, and once when I was a baby-nurse in 1991-ish, I had a doctor give me an order for a cornstarch enema for a bleeding colon.