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Countess LuAnn Tells 10-Year-Old Girl To Lose Weight

On last night's episode of Real Housewives, the charitable Countess attended an after-school program to talk to preteen girls about the importance of confidence and self-esteem. Then she told one of them to lose weight.

Let's all have matching desktop wallpaper (click to download larger version):

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I also wanted to share this:

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On other topics, I didn't initially give a shit about the tennis match, but that is so awesome that Jill brought Simon. (And Bethanny's impression of Ramona was hilarious!)

And re: Jill's "baby" "If she likes the baby, she should see the mama. But that's in the vault." I understand if it was an heirloom, but what the fuck is the point of buying something that needs to be kept in the vault???

And why are we being subjected to more dates/booty calls between Kelly and Max? They're inane and they act like they're 16.

And I am really starting to like Alex. I think because she had such a great sense of humor with the tennis match even though she knew Simon couldn't play for shit.